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Please take some time to review and understand tychewallet

I understand, that tychewallet is a web wallet to store my TYCH crypto assets and i will keep my login credentials in safe custody.
I understand, that when using a web wallet there is a trade-off involved between usability against privacy and security.
I understand, that keeping a large amount in web wallet is not safe and unsafe usage of login credentials will compromise my wallet account.
I understand, that making a non-standard transaction/transaction of any other assets except TYCH will lead to complete loss of my funds.
I understand, that mining directly to my web wallet address is accepted/supported, but not encouraged/recommended.
I understand, that i am simply using tychewallet to interact directly with the blockchain and tychewallet is not a bank.
I understand, that while making a transaction tychewallet will charge 0.1% + tx fee.